East Vs. West

Ohh the battle of East Vs. West is constant. Fierce competitors throwing punches left and right. Growing up in Massachusetts and now living in California, I’ve pretty much boiled down the battle to a few things (there’s an endless list, but for the sake of this argument I’ll be brief and stick to the most important):

  • Ice Cream
  • Taxes
  • Avocados

That pretty much sums up everything Tupac vs. Biggie were saying (probably….errr definitely not). Moving on…..

1. First up is  ice cream. Since moving to Cali, I’ve experienced a SERIOUS lack of good homemade ice cream joints, only chains! This place seems to be run by the frozen yogurt mafia (I’m not knocking this frozen delight, I’ve grown to like it). As a kid, fro yo was always just that thing you got as a treat at Costco because they didn’t have ice cream. This one’s a toss up, a real nail biter. I’ve grown to enjoy fro yo, but just miss some good old ice cream.

  2. Secondly, I just finished doing my taxes, which led me on a rant about missing living right by the NH border where the sales tax is 0.00%. Let’s be honest, we all like saving $$. I miss traveling the 10 minutes across the border to buy cheap booze and expensive electronics (sketchy right!)

For some perspective:

3. Lastly, we have avocados. One of my favorite foods. They are ample and cheap and grow on trees in the west coast,  and they are expensive and not so ample on the east coast. I think we have a clear winner…

To be continued.