I Drove Across The Country And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt

So, I drove across the country with my trusted adventure confidant, Manue, to move back to the East Coast and embrace the snow, wind, and change of seasons! Here are some of our highlights for your lovely eyeballs:

  • Here’s our hotel door being drilled down at 7a.m by a grumpy maintenance man that smelled of stale cigarettes in Tuscon, AZ!
    Door problems

    Door problems

  • Here’s the lovely views I viewed as Maroon 5’s “Pay Phone” was being played on the radio in all states at all times of the day (*not pictured: me pulling my hair out from hearing Maroon 5’s “Pay Phone” for the 100th time in one day)

Sunset in Arizona

  • Here’s the random ‘Merica pictures we took at the Deming Luna County Mimbres Museum while getting lost looking for coffee in Deming, New Mexico. Good call on the Captain America attire, Manue!'Merica
  • Here’s me devouring the delicious cajun pasta from Coop’s Place in New Orleans. Cajun Pasta
  • Here’s a selfie I took of myself in an oversized bathrobe before a relaxing spa day because…well there’s no good reason other than because it seemed like a good idea at the time?!

  • And lastly, here’s what we would have looked like as baller Neanderthals courtesy of  the Museum of Natural History in D.C. Abnormal receding hairlines, womanstaches, a whole lotta nostrils, and lots of jaundice, but fairly decent eyebrows for myself so no complaining here!


Marielle Neanderthal


Manue Neanderthal











I’m just now uploading pictures, so that’s all the wonderful gems I have for you now. I will slowly but surely get back to sharing my adventures with you. So, hold onto your butts!