Wow, my last post was about a toilet plant? I’m such a winner. Well,  I’ve been dealing with quite a bit of stress in my life lately and am trying to find new ways to relax. Aside from listening to an Enya playlist (which oddly enough includes a lot of dramatic movie scores) on Pandora, I’m going to start taking some Yoga classes and indulging in my addiction to The Food Network. Nothing says stress relief like listening to Giada DeLaurentiis overly describe everything she eats, or tuning in to the thrill ride that is Iron Chef! How they make a dessert with sardines work is beyond me. So, I’ve been doing some light research on different ways to relax. Here are some of my favorites….

I think the world would be a happier place if more people took the time for things like a mud bath, or a nice long session of flame staring. Don’t you agree? One thing I’ve found that definitely relaxes the soul is watching videos of Manatees on YouTube. I had quite the lovely time this morning drinking my green tea and watching animals just drift in water. Hmm, anyone else have any fun relaxation ideas? Share, please!

2 thoughts on “Relax!

  1. Those manatees definitely are relaxing to watch. That one in the beginning was telling you to come hither haha. I think ice cream is a pretty stress reliever myself!

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