Long wait

I finally broke down and got myself my own Netflix account instead of continuing the months of leeching off my sister’s watch instant. Big steps here people. Well, boy am I glad I did. You see, at first I was all pretentious with my queue, adding all award winning movies off the top 100 blah blah blah list as if someone was judging movie picks. Then, I had an epiphany: I just really want to watch Space Jam. You know, that masterpiece of a film in which Michael Jordan gets sucked into the Looney Tunes land through a golf course hole to play some b-ball. Rated a 5.6 on IMDb, a 10 in our hearts.

So, I took my movie nose out of the air, put it in my queue, and  prepared to watch some serious hoops go down in Looneyville. I know this probably isn’t worth an entire post, but here’s the kicker. I was not the only one to have this sudden urge for a Space Jam fix, as apparently there is a Space Jam fever a happening! There is a long wait for this gem! …and now I feel a great bond with my fellow Netflixers! Space Jam on, but don’t take to long to return because I wanna get my fix.


2 thoughts on “Long wait

  1. I haven’t thought about Space Jam in a long time, but….I am proud to say that I still mooch Netflix. It came in handy during my back injury. One night when I couldn’t get comfortable & was frustrated, I was able to watch Jaws on my I Pad. It was as good as any sleep medicine. You can never watch Jaws too many times.

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