Spacily Yours

So, all you die hard fans of this blog (my mom) will remember my very first post about my obsession with book inscriptions…or you probably won’t. Anyway,I have one to share for you from my favorite author of the moment Mary Roach:

Yes, that doodle at the bottom is her signature! Granted, she wrote the same thing in my sister’s copy too, but my name is spelled right so I’m elated. This is in my copy of her latest book Packing For Mars which you should buy…because I said so.



2 thoughts on “Spacily Yours

  1. Hey I think I’m more of a die hard fan then mom…just saying…and I like the “spacily yours” more than the doodle I think that’s how we should sign all of our letters and such!

  2. No, I AM a die hard fan. I also get many author & Book recommendations from Marielle…including the new Mary Roach book, which is on my ‘summer read’ list.

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