A few things…

As of late there has been a general lack of sunshine  and a lot of rain in LA, which I am quite enjoying. Nothing says fall like dreary, cold days filled with hot chocolate and sweatpants. I also got sick, ahh yes I even enjoyed the fall sniffles! Sick time was filled with drinking far too much coffee, and watching Dexter in the dark (recommended if you live life on the edge)… aside from the night I got overly excited from making asparagus.

Anyway, it has been tough to keep up with blogging since all day everyday I’m immersed in social media at work. I attempted to explain my job to my neighbor (a 1st grade teacher) who didn’t understand anything I was saying. And I quote “Online? PR? Blogs? You must be really smart.” I just nodded, and let her believe I am a mad scientist of marketing… and then she talked to me for 20 minutes about what to do in an earthquake. Needless to say, we’re tight now.

Now, I may not be a mad scientist or anything, but I gave myself a little pat on the back the other day when I saw this on Twitter:

Hmmm…what else? OHH I played laser tag and saw Frightened Rabbit! Not this kind..


This kind…. the amazing Scottish kind.



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