Listen and Learn

Feel good song of the day! “Leave Your Boyfriends Behind” by Leona Naess.

Let’s go out late, drink a lot, stay up past 8 and then dance. Dance all night.We’ll leave our boyfriends behind, leave your girlfriends behind

Without fail, I can listen to this song and want to grab my destiny by the balls and squeeze hard (that reference was for all you Party Down fans that are still lamenting the loss. Clearly, I’m not coping very well.)  Seriously though, now that I live in LA, whenever I travel to Sherman Oaks I just hope my day will turn into the Steve Guttenberg episode. So, I guess if you didn’t watch the show, this won’t make much sense. AND considering the  show got cancelled because of awful ratings you probably DIDN’T watch the show. And I’m rambling…because that’s what I do best. Just laugh at this.


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