Mustache House

Today’s blog is brought to you by the mustache.

Thanks to my sister, Lauren, and her affinity towards mustaches, I spent a good portion of my day yesterday learning facts about mustaches while listening to my neighbors across the street blast Nine Inch Nails (I would like it to be known that said neighbor is about 80 and uses a walker…and is apparently AWESOME).

So, anyway, Lauren usually likes to torture me by emailing pictures of all things I love in Boston. Case in point: Seriously?!?! I WANT TO GO TO THERE. 

Anyway, this particular day, the delightful “email ding” echoed in my kitchen as I was eating a Pb&J, listening to NIN (courtesy of rockin old dude neighbor) and working on my Happy Book Vol. 3 . I saw the subject of the email “Mustache House?” and immediately imagined…you guessed it….a house shaped like a mustache. Alas, this is what was caused my day to turn into “Spend far too much time reading facts and looking at pictures of people’s mustaches and laugh at clothing/mugs/salt &pepper shakers with mustache designs day.”

Really though, cheers to this mustache for making a house look like a dapper gentlemen that I would like to smoke cigars and discuss the stock market with. Did you know that the owner of the Oakland A’s baseball team paid each of his players $300 to grow a stache in 1971? When the A’s met the clean cut Reds in the 1972 World Series, it was dubbed the “Hair versus Square” Series by the media. Well now you know, thanks

Glorious . Plus, you can rock mustache bling bling whenever you want! If that doesn’t scream Valentine’s Day gift, then I just don’t know what does. Anywho, my rant about the mustache has come to an end. I’m trying to start a trivia team, so hopefully one day  I’ll get to impress everyone with my useless mustache knowledge. Yes, I am in fact a loser.


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