Emails From Dear Old Dad

Since I’m on a roll here, I’m going to continue with yet ANOTHER post about  emails I get! I’m going to call this segment “Emails From Dear Old Dad”….because they are emails from my dad. Really, what is better than our parents using technology, I’d say close to nothing. So anyway, it was recently my birthday and since I’m on the opposite side of the country as my dad, I may as well be in outer space. I mean, 3 hours difference is like light years! This is what I’m greeted with one morning! (Disclaimer: My dad can tell you the exact time of the tides for the week and what the visibility is underwater, but doesn’t even know his own birthday.) 

What a charmer! Naturally, I responded asking if he knew how old I was turning, and I was graced with another piece of gold.


One thought on “Emails From Dear Old Dad

  1. Those are good e-mails, but I have another you may appreciate. Scuba/Fisherman Dad caught a striped bass (striper), but didn’t know how to prepare it with marinade for the grill. He’s pretty helpless in the kitchen when I am at the Cape & he is at home. Anyhow…he sent me an e-mail that said he needed the “receipt for stripper” …..of course! Then, I sent him the “recipe for striper”.

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