Not popular

I googled myself and found out that apparently I’m not popular. What a let down. All these years thinking I was the coolest kid on the block! 

Oh wait… google images thinks I’m popular. Take THAT worthless graph.


Puzzle Me This

Among my favorite things is the ever so entertaining crossword puzzle. Give me a big cup of coffee, a crossword puzzle, and a rainy day and I may just marry you. As a supporter of most puzzles, I decided to take a walk on the wild side and test out the enjoyment level of a logic puzzle. Now, I know logic puzzles really shouldn’t be as entertaining when you are past the fourth grade and have a life, but boundaries are meant to be broke!  I’ll say it loud and proud…err.. uhh write it in all caps… LOGIC PUZZLES ARE PRETTY ALRIGHT!

ANYway, after doing a couple, what I soon realized was the real fun isn’t solving the puzzles, it’s reading the clues! I mean, sometimes you get so wrapped up in the stories, you forget that there’s no reason you should care in the least who loves roast beef if it isn’t the arachnophobic or agoraphobic!! Just look at these clues, I DARE you not to be amused.

Amused? At least slightly? If so, go here and do one yourself!

The Lone Wheelchair

Cape Cod. I’ve been back east for awhile and had the pleasure of returning to the beautiful arm of Massachusetts. Somehow, this place has managed to hold onto the simple pleasures of life where tree tag and napping on a hammock are all that matter in the world.

Needless to say, this place jogs back fond memories when I thought I was a mermaid, sleeping for weeks on a pool float while camping with my family, and listening to my mom tell the story of Coyote Boy about a million times (Coyote Boy was this creature born in my mom’s imagination. He was half man, half coyote who was taken in by gypsies on Cape Cod and dined on lobster stew and so on)

More importantly though, this place is where my most insanely weird/ possibly brilliant thoughts and ideas come alive. Maybe, it’s all that salt in the air? Maybe it’s magic? Whatever it is, it’s good for the soul. What I learned on this last trip was that If you put enough like-minded people in a room together and stare at a ceiling fan for long enough… it is inevitable that you will create the plot for a hit tv show about cousins working in a grocery store, spending their days battling last minute massive party orders in seamless superhero fashion. AND if you stare at that ceiling fan some more, you are bound to come up with a new business venture revolving around capitalizing on gourmet food creations using communion wafers as the highlighted ingredient. *Here’s where I give a shout out to my darling cousin Olivia, a seasoned communion wafer eater and out of the box thinker who knows way more about Harry Potter than you.*  This is us posing in front of a bowl of chips.

So, If you ever get the chance you should spend some time here and make sure to hang with the locals who have such gems of knowledge to share with the world.

Exhibit A: Let me introduce you to Charlie. One of the locals and my dad’s best friend….

He’s a fry cook at a local restaurant, his favorite show is Deadliest Catch, and his wife has pet squirrels. We refer to him as Chuckles because his laugh mostly sounds like a deep cackle. He once tried to give advice and told me not to do mushrooms because it’s “Like sewing some limes” …he then got really confused about what he was saying, stared into the distance for a good minute and drifted off into talking about fishing poles.

Either way, I suggest you experience this magic for yourself…and eat some killer seafood.