Rhubarb time

I’m back East for the time being and… well my town doesn’t have much to offer in terms of ¬†fun factor, for realz. But there is a certain charm to being able to go for a run and have every passing car slow down to yell hello because they’ve known you since you were in kindergarten. So aside from ¬†yelling at contestants on Family Feud for having no common sense, and shopping with my 80+ year old grandmother in Forever 21 (her new favorite store.. I love old people), I’ve been perfecting my sandwich making skills and picking a lot of rhubarb.

Every spring my dad’s garden becomes infiltrated with mass amounts of this vegetable? fruit? Useless knowledge for you readers in case you ever make it onto Jeopardy (the truth revealed!): Rhubarb is botanically classified as a vegetable but apparently rhubarb officially became a fruit on July 17th, 1947 (congrats! I guess?), when the US Customs Court of Buffalo declared it so because it’s primarily used as a fruit in cooking. Whew, I for one am so very glad they took this issue to the courts! Rhubard pre-1947 must have had quite the identity crisis. On top of so much confusion, having poisonous leaves too … oh man! Can’t a vegetable masked as a fruit catch a break? Too far? Yeah, ENOUGH.

Anyway, now that we are all learned up on the subject, I have no idea where I was going with this post. Just look at pictures I guess…

And…to justify writing an entire post about an awkward fruit… it’s because I grew up in a wheelbarrow! Not my fault!