Email isn’t as fun.

I know the greeting card industry is taking its last breath, but I’ll be very sad when I don’t get cards like this anymore… because yes, I DO need to be reminded that I’m a Wonderful Granddaughter at Passover.

Most of the year I’m just an o.k granddaughter, but when Passover comes, ohhhh man is it on! Plus, when else will I get the pleasure of having to decipher my grandma’s handwriting (a surprisingly fun activity). Snail mail it!


Lyrics Pie!

I made a meaningless pie chart. Enjoy!….maybe?

Life and Its Contents!

Well, the time has come for the “Crazy Things I hear While On Break ” segment! A lot can happen in an hour, so I’ve trained by ears to be a complete creep while at the various eating establishments down the street from my internship. These are just a couple of the finest things I jotted down in between laughing at random people and fillin my belly.

  • Lemons!… You shove one in my face, I’ll punch you”– Now, this I actually have to agree with. If someone shoved a lemon in my face I’d most likely have a problem.
  • “Grampa, I walk with the devil and have promiscuous sex daily.”- Seems like an appropriate conversation with an elderly person….
  • You know when you wake up and all you want is to stay in bed? Well, those days I get up and eat a lot of feta cheese and I’m good to go.”– Really? Feta, huh? I will never do this. People are weird.
  • “I talk to Sarah because even though she’s crazy and I hate her, she understands how I feel.”– Girls make so much sense, always.
  • You know what I want instead of this sandwich? Pancakes…and a smoothie….and to not be afraid of being naked in front of my boyfriend.”– I’ll agree.
  • “I love my life so much right now, like I don’t even care if someone threw a football at my head, I’d probably give them a hug.” – That’s uplifting I guess, but If I had a football I would have definitely tested this out.

Needless to say I’m pretty amused everyday creepin on other people’s conversations because most of my conversations go something like this, always.