So, my parents came to visit me in LA, and mostly we just ate a lot of food. BUT we also took a trip to the La Brea Tar Pits and spent an afternoon looking at excavated skeletons and learning about prehistoric animals from the Ice Age! Every girls dream, right? I mean, after spending endless summers watching Discovery Channel with my brother, I practically squealed upon seeing the skeleton of a ground sloth from across the museum. For all of you, like my mom, who aren’t aware that this fine animal ever existed, here’s a taste of what it kind of looked like.

Anyway, after geeking myself out (which happens far more often than I’d prefer), I felt a little better after taking an hour tour of the pits with a guide who had the thickest lisp and only talked about animalsss, seeps, and sabertooth tigers. He was also a sassy guide who made fun of anyone living near the pits because apparently the entire area is essentially sinking into the ground. Splendid!

Hopefully the allure of prehistoric Ice Age creatures will persuade these kids to come and chill with me in LA because I miss playing dress up.


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