So, my parents came to visit me in LA, and mostly we just ate a lot of food. BUT we also took a trip to the La Brea Tar Pits and spent an afternoon looking at excavated skeletons and learning about prehistoric animals from the Ice Age! Every girls dream, right? I mean, after spending endless summers watching Discovery Channel with my brother, I practically squealed upon seeing the skeleton of a ground sloth from across the museum. For all of you, like my mom, who aren’t aware that this fine animal ever existed, here’s a taste of what it kind of looked like.

Anyway, after geeking myself out (which happens far more often than I’d prefer), I felt a little better after taking an hour tour of the pits with a guide who had the thickest lisp and only talked about animalsss, seeps, and sabertooth tigers. He was also a sassy guide who made fun of anyone living near the pits because apparently the entire area is essentially sinking into the ground. Splendid!

Hopefully the allure of prehistoric Ice Age creatures will persuade these kids to come and chill with me in LA because I miss playing dress up.


LA the left-handed way

Sooo I took a road trip across the country with my brother and a giant bag of burnt sugar cookies (much thanks roxanne!)And I magically arrived in LA in one piece and now I look like this:

Well, not exactly like that. Actually not like that at all. I don’t eat cherries in that manner. Whatever.

Anyway, I met some interesting people, ate some interesting food, and had some interesting experiences. I gained 3 hours AND some stories for the grandkids. Super! AND I went to a bug museum!

Now I’m finally in the city of angels and eating avocados like it’s my job. Unfortunately, as much as I’d love compensation for avocado consumption (tongue twister!) I can’t seem to make that work. So, I’ve been spending money likes it’s my job and eating some very wonderful hangover food in my spare time from getting schooled in social media at my internship. There’s just one thing I don’t get about LA….here goes. Why is everyone floored when discovering I’m left handed?  Yesterday the number of overreactions to my left handedness rose to 6, 6 people! To clarify, these aren’t just “oh you’re left handed, I’ll move on with my life immediately” reactions. My favorite the other day was, “Oh my God, are you left handed? I haven’t seen one of you in years!”- Thanks for making me feel like an alien,  right handed superior stranger?

Apparently LA has a serious lack of lefties, so this must be fate. A void I need to fill, oh joy. Sooo, I went to good old Wikipedia and did a bit of research. Apparently only 7-10 percent of the adult population is left-handed and one of the causes is theorized by this dude to be because of high exposure to testosterone before birth. I don’t want to fill this void anymore. Maybe I’ll just go on suffering with righty scissors and make due in the right hand world, but not until after August 13th so I can celebrate Left Handed Day with some of my left-handed friends: Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Julia Roberts,  (high levels of testosterone? hmm..questionable.) Faith restored, leftie fo life!

Now that I’m all filled up on my daily fill of useless knowledge, I am completely burnt out. Thus, stories from LA will come at a later date. For now, I’ve been a tourist and saw the Hollywood sign. Be proud.