Buck Up

Thanksgiving break was good for multiple reasons, one being I was able to add to my sneeze list! How exciting. There just is nothing quite like a good sneeze.

Working list of things that make me sneeze to the max:

  • Drinking wine
  • Listening to Ozzy Osbourne
  • Dust- HARDCORE

I learned about the Ozzy one this break, good to know. I also drank a lot of wine. So, I sneezed a lot the last 5 days, and probably freaked my heart out a bit.

ALSO, I created a new system of thinking. Here’s how this went down:

For some reason I was listening to DMX and realized I knew far too many of his lyrics and couldn’t relate to any of them…well, maybe that one about the lawnmower next to the tree or something. But, besides THAT I’m not an angry enough person to relate to X on any level. After all, Thanksgiving reminds us how good we all have it. So, while I was in the thankful spirit and my belly was full of soul food, I turned to Missy. The one, the only: Missy Elliott. The highest authority on female bad-assery. It’s much better to be bad ass than angry. Simply put, everyone should take a little lesson from Missy and buck up. Instead of feeling sorry for ourselves, let’s love ourselves (reference “I’m Really Hot”– soooo ballin). From now on it’s just WWMD? (What Would Missy Do?). Thanks much Missy!


ALSO, I regained my love of acrostics!


T- Turkey…and lots of it

H- Hugs…and lots of them

A- Am I slurring my words already?

N- NOT watching football

K- Killer sales

S- Serious weight gain

G- Green bean casserole- such an underappreciated dish.

I- I’m gonna be eating Turkey sandwiches for a week!

V- Violence! Black Friday!

I- Indians are FRIENDS

N- Nap time- Damn you, Tryptophan!

G- Gobble, Gobble, Gobble


ALSO, I remembered my backyard at home looks like a scene out of Tuck Everlasting. Water spring of everlasting life where you at?



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