Sammy Stapler

I learned a life lesson the other day! Gold star for me! I’m reading a new book, Stumbling on Happiness by Daniel stumblingonhappiness1Gilbert, which basically breaks down everything you think you know about happiness and tells you you’re wrong. Well, not exactly that harsh, but it analyzes the science and psychology of it all… and explains a whole lot. Well, there is a magic trick in the book that I was obviously fooled by because I’m a sucker. Basically, you choose a card in a group of 5 on one page, and by magical powers Harry Potter style, Gilbert KNOWS your card and removes it from the set of cards pages later. The secret I learned is that while I was too busy focusing on finding the card I picked, I didn’t even notice ALL the cards were different. Tricky huh? Anyway, life lesson: don’t focus all your attention on one specific thing and fail to see everything around it change. I should definitely be a fortune cookie writer.

fortune cookie

Anyway, later that day I made friends with my stapler. Four years deep into our relationship and it wasn’t until NOW that I actually noticed the little guy had a face. Granted, he doesn’t look too happy, but who would if you were ignored for 4 years? That trick opened my eyes up to lots of things I was missing out on, stapler friendship being one. His name is now Sammy, Sammy Stapler because alliteration is the only way to go when naming office supplies. Here’s what Sammy looks like, pretty blurry but cute right?IMG_1680

Now you can only imagine the sheer joy I got out of personalizing an office supply. So, I just went ahead and started creating a bunch of new friends for myself, which leads me to many conclusions

  1. This is a great way to procrastinate
  2. I’m a weirdo
  3. I’m slightly insane
  4. Naming things makes me feel better

So, I’ll introduce you to some of my new friends. This is Maple Syrup Nose Man. IMG_1681

This is Jill because it says so in her mouth: IMG_1690

Say hello to Crazy Al: IMG_1689

And this is Cecilia, who is concerned a lot. Mostly about Swine Flu: IMG_1688

If you found no enjoyment out of this at all, then WATCH THIS. If you find no enjoyment out of that then we shouldn’t be friends.


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