When I grow up, (If I Do)…

Boston fall is finally among us! The time has come when the wind forces tears to our eyes and you can’t tell if someone is crying over the beauty of the trees or from windburn. Mass confusion!  It seems that all I ever want to do is make piles of leaves and jump in them, but really… no one has a rake and making leave piles without one is exhausting. So instead, I naturally fill this void by watching clips from Love Actually on Youtube because that’s just what you do when it starts to get cold out. Plus, the accents make my heart melt. Gosh, I’m so predictable.

Now it may be the changing seasons, the fact that I just read The Alchemist, or the deep soul- searching that always ensues from taking psych classes, but I’ve been reflecting and have come up with my own theory of development called People Pretty Much Act the Same As They Did When They Were Kids (PPMATSATDWTWK- for short, I guess?). I recently had to analyze all these fancy schmancy theories on human development that talk in depth about transitional stages everyone goes through in a lifetime. Thus, making growing up far too confusing. Peter Pan had it right this whole time, surprise surprise. I say, pictures and stories speak louder than theories. In my psych class this semester, we had to share a snippet from our childhood before the age of 2, apply it to a theory, and show a picture. After seeing 45 adorable baby pictures and hearing the hilarious accompanying stories, it was overwhelmingly apparent that most stories were getting the “that’s so you!” reaction. Classic example of PPMATSATDWTWK if I do say so. I’m not hating on these developmental theories, they are actually extremely interesting and eye opening, but sometimes you just have to keep it simple. Obviously, I don’t throw food (most of the time) and learned how to walk and talk (for the most part), but I’m pretty much the same little pest I was 20 years ago.  Here’s me all young and innocent. babyI also created a new theory I like to call Our Parents Were Like Us Once (OPWLUO- try saying that like an actual word, you’ll sound like a native Hafather tymonwaiian.) Case in point, my father was bad-ass when he was young BUT he still believes he’s invincible! I can only hope this badass mentality stays with me through the years, old people daredevils are fabulous. Alas, I am now all out of mindbogglingly simple ideas onShore Pictures 00134 development/ my brain hurts. Good day!


One thought on “When I grow up, (If I Do)…

  1. I was just thinking of watching Love Actually the other night when it started snowing although it’s still much too early. I love how you make the abbreviations that don’t help at all although the second one is kinda cool. Plus, that picture of you…so cute! Nice theories. It does seem like those psych classes are rubbing off on you. It’s pretty cool!

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