Fold a Banana…

I knew the time would eventually come when I would be forced to create a blog for school that’s supposed to be all educational and sorts. So, to keep my sanity and remind myself that I haven’t turned into a robot (yet), I bring you this masterpiece/calamity because being serious is zero fun.fold a banana

BUT, guess what is lots of fun? A lovely little book I stumbled upon this summer called Fold a Banana and 146 other things to do when you’re bored. Seriously, I NEVER knew bouncing a potato could be SO fun. Not only did this supply an endless laughing workout on my abs, but it also fed my addiction for book inscriptions.

See, I found this gem at a fair in Dennis, Ma inside a church that smelled stronger of mothballs than mothballs themselves, and was crawling with senior citizens that could barely walk. I usually leave my yearly jaunt at this fair with a bundle of books in one arm and a copy of trivial pursuit from the 70’s in the other… feeling extremely thankful for my youth. Last yeastiff coverr’s fair opened my eyes to Mary Roach’s killer bestseller, Stiff, which completely rocked my world. Human decay can be quite hilarious, go figure.

But back to folding bananas…

Sifting through dusty cookbooks and endless amounts of Stephen King novels, I tried to shuffle between a pair of old women discussing Jesus, only to get stuck in the religious books section. Of all things, in a church. Religion, gasp! Trying to make the best of this and possibly discover the meaning of life, I took a gander at the godly offerings of the day. Sadly, I couldn’t find the answer to life’s big question, but I did uncover what was to become the basis of my enjoyment for the next week. Like a big “What Up” from a force much greater than myself, Fold a Banana mysteriously appeared right as the ancient looking women turned to add me into their chat. Shoving my face into the book, I pretended to be intensely engaged only to find… I actually was. Come to find out, this little nugget of joy:

  • a.) was from the 70’s (check)

  • b.) had quirky illustrations  (check check)
  • c.) made me belly laugh on the first page (check plus)
  • d.) was INSCRIBED! (check plus plus)

What better way to avoid a long and painful discussion about the J-man than to indulge in one of the simplest, yet greatest inscriptions I have ever come across!


Merry Christmas!

Love Always


This Annie gal sounds like quite the winner. I have even taken a liking to calling people bafoons now, a bit old school, but classic. I do believe this is my favorite suggestion from the book, gets me every time.fold a banana

Needless to say, the next time you notice a misplaced book, you should probably pick it up. Anywho, if you are at all interested in book inscriptions I highly recommend checking out The Book Inscriptions Project where I often find myself oozing over other people’s personal thoughts to friends and family. Must be the psych minor in my bones. Happy reading!


2 thoughts on “Fold a Banana…

  1. never know what you might find. I have found a few treasures at that fair. One of my favorites is the knight helmet ice bucket that I gave to Danny as a birthday present. I could, and probably do spend too much time perusing the book section. This year my favorite find was the White Trash Southern Cookbook.

    Write on, Bafoon!

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